<b>BLISTER INNOVATION</b><br />Adept Packaging is the preeminent leader in blister technology and has unrivaled in-house expertise and vast experience in developing cutting edge of blister technology and innovation.<b>PACKAGING CONSULTANTS </b><br/>Adept Packaging provides Subject Matter Experts for a wide range of packaging technologies and areas.<b>DIGITAL PROTOTYPING</b><br/>Digital Prototypes are photorealistic renderings and animations used to visualize and showcase the real-world appearance, assembly and user experience of packaging concepts and ideas<b>CONTRACT PACKAGING ENGINEERS</b><br/>Unmatched capabilites to idenfity and provide contract packaging engineers and recruiting services at competitive rates.

Packaging Engineering Development Resources & Services

Adept Packaging is the leader in high performance solutions for Packaging Development & Engineering. Our mission is to maximize the value of Packaging Development & Engineering for clients, while lowering the cost. We collaborate with clients to develop a customized solution of the right people and expertise to deliver quality, innovation and compliance at a low cost.


  • Staffing & recruiting
  • Packaging engineering support
  • Cost improvement Services
  • Technical consulting

Packaging Professionals

  • Open positions list
  • Independent consultants
  • $3000 referral fee for either a client opportunity or contractor