About Adept Packaging

Who We Are

Adept Packaging is a global packaging engineering consultancy providing packaging centric services to help organizations grow, increase their value, manage cost and become more responsive to the needs of their customers. We offer packaging development services, consulting and staffing to drive innovation, functionality, cost optimization, strategy development We are also experts in serialization and traceability.

Adept Packaging has wholly owned operations in the United States and Europe that collectively provide more than a 100,000 annual hours of technical services focused on deep technical expertise and industry leading quality.

Adept Packaging operates regional teams across the US and in Europe and Asia with senior management that is US-based. This allows clients to have immediate access to the Adept Packaging team, fast answers to questions and the reassurance of working with people that are easy to relate to.

Working with Adept Packaging

We believe that lasting relationships are formed by providing valued services in the realization of a mutually aligned goal, with great customer service; we call these relationships of purpose. Adept Packaging’s approach rapidly identifies solutions unique to the customer by developing solutions, which are as creative and innovative as the situation they are customized to satisfy.

This commitment to exceed expectations frequently leads to additional cost-reduction opportunities, such as improvements in productivity, quality, communication and customer satisfaction.

Because of the unique way that Adept Packaging collaborates with customers, the business relationships tend to grow and strengthen over time. It is common for companies to come to Adept Packaging for a single service, however, as customers develop a better understanding of Adept Packaging’s business model, values and culture, they tend to expand their business with us. As a result, Adept Packaging has many customers who have remained steady and on a year over year basis, and it is estimated that Adept Packaging’s average customer retention rate to be higher than 80%.

The Adept Packaging Advantage

Leading businesses choose Adept Packaging as their packaging engineering consultancy because we are expertise-focused, value-driven and client-centric.

In everything we do, Adept Packaging’s goal is to provide solutions to enable Adept Packaging’s clients to better serve their end customers and stay far ahead of their competition. We are focused on consistently delivering expertise and quality today while investing in the technologies, tools and people to position Adept Packaging’s Clients for tomorrow.

Culture & Values

Adept Packaging has a highly flexible, open and collaborative culture.

Instrumental to Adept Packaging’s high growth, forward thinking culture, is the desire to infuse the best practices of companies to interact with – clients, partners, advisors and suppliers. This is not only a testament to the quality of Adept Packaging’s partners but also to Adept Packaging’s commitment to excellence.

The foundation of Adept Packaging’s dynamic culture is soundly built on a set of core values that guide Adept Packaging’s every action:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Creativity

At Adept Packaging, we believe excellence as a life-goal in itself. We believe that every interaction we have with others should enhance the dignity of all involved. We believe in a code of integrity that guides us to do what is right, not what is expedient. And we believe in creating a work environment in which all Adept Packaging’s employees can express their creativity and realize their full potential.

Just as these values have helped to shape Adept Packaging’s corporate environment and culture, they have also helped to shape Adept Packaging’s approach toward alliances and partnerships. We believe that vendor-client partnerships are best characterized, understood, and structured as joint and common efforts to achieve excellence.

We also believe that, in order to be successful, partnerships must align everyone on the vendor side and everyone on the client side toward a single set of objectives representing excellent overall performance.